Screenshot with participants of the steering committee meeting of the Scandria Alliance on 23 February 2022

Successful collaboration to be continued

Leading administrative staff approved Scandria®Alliance work programme for 2022.

During their meeting on 23 February 2022, the members of the Scandria®Alliance Steering Committee discussed and approved the work programme for 2022.

During the meeting, the members welcomed the ambitious yet well elaborated plans for the current year. They foresee, amongst others, enhanced engagement of the Alliance to act as a joint voice of participating member cities and regions, especially at national and European levels. The Steering Committee thus highly appreciates the work on a common position towards the draft of the TEN-T regulation, which is currently being developed in the Alliance..

The members also highlighted their support for project initiatives within the frame of the new INTERREG programmes, underlining the need to act jointly to advance the transition to clean and smart transportation along the corridor and throughout Europe.

Jan Drews, Head of Joint Spatial Planning Department Secretary General of the Scandria®Alliance summarised the meeting with an optimistic outlook: „The Alliance is progressing very well. The challenges around mobility transition as well as the development of a truly trans-European transport network requires collaboration between cities and regions. The recent enlargement of the Alliance shows the interest in its activities and the collaborative spirit in its work is fundamental to its success.”