Hamburg to award international prize for sustainable logistics

Almost 30 companies and institutions have applied for HANSE GLOBE 2023, Hamburg’s international award for sustainable logistics under the patronage of Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Dr. Melanie Leonhard.

The Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH), associate member of the Scandria®Alliance, has been awarding HANSE GLOBE to particularly forward-looking sustainable projects since 2007. “Many logistics companies in and outside Hamburg have already embarked on the path to more resource-efficient operations. With HANSE GLOBE, Hamburg’s international award for sustainable logistics, we recognise this commitment and award outstanding sustainability projects in the industry,” says Senator Dr Melanie Leonhard. As President of Hamburg’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Innovation, she has assumed patronage of HANSE GLOBE.

The submissions range from resource-saving and innovative logistics real estate to sustainable corporate strategies and alternative drive technologies, but also include many projects related to social sustainability. Now it is up to the top-class jury of six to decide who will receive the trophy this year. The award ceremony will take place during the traditional Logistics Dinner at Hamburg City Hall on 4 April 2023.

Kerstin Wendt-Heinrich, Chairwoman of LIHH, hopes this year’s award winner will provide impetus for the industry. “Logistics plays a decisive role in a sustainable economy. At the same time, we need measures to make the entire supply chain more resilient. I am very pleased about the numerous submissions, which impressively demonstrate how innovative and multi-faceted the logistics industry is in meeting this challenge,” Wendt-Heinrich said, setting the mood for the Logistics Dinner. “We are excited to see who the jury will select as the winner!”

With HANSE GLOBE – Hamburg’s international award for sustainable logistics – the Logistics Initiative Hamburg promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable commitment in logistics. This year, the location network is presenting the award for the thirteenth time. Participation in the competition for the HANSE GLOBE is not regionally limited. Companies, institutions and public facilities can apply. The project must have a clearly recognisable connection to logistics and contribute to environmental protection or corporate social responsibility. Further information on the HANSE GLOBE is available at

picture: © Mediaserver Hamburg / Geheimtipp Hamburg