Minister Rainer Genilke

“European transport policies have to be implemented in our regions”

Rainer Genilke, Minister of Infrastructure and Federal State Planning of Brandenburg (Germany) is the new chair of the Scandria®Alliance’s General Assembly. In an interview with the Scandria®Alliance, he shares his views on the importance of collaboration along transport corridors and his priorities for 2024.

Why is the cooperation in the Scandria Alliance important to you?
I have been dealing with transport issues in the state of Brandenburg for quite a while now. I am therefore more than aware of the particular importance of well-developed transport connections – both within Brandenburg and to our neighbouring and partner regions.
A challenge that we are all faced with is the need to accelerate the transition towards climate-smart solutions in the transport sector.
For both of these reasons, it is important that the cities and regions along our European transport corridors exchange experiences and work together. In this way, we can learn from each other, develop common positions and avoid uncoordinated isolated solutions.

Which priorities do you see for this year?
2024 is an election year: both here in Brandenburg and in Europe. With a view to the European elections, we as cities and regions need to discuss and find joint positions on how to implement the important European transport policies that have been launched during the current EU legislative period.

Implementation is often taking place at regional and city level. That’s why we need to do it in a way that strengthens the connectivity, sustainability and resilience of our corridors cities and regions.
For Berlin-Brandenburg as a border region, the issue of cross-border railway connections is of particular importance in this context. Other topics that are high on the Scandria Alliance’s agenda are the interface between long-distance and urban mobility in the so-called urban nodes or the decarbonisation of multimodal transport chains.

Why should further cities and regions join the Scandria Alliance?
We all face similar challenges – no matter whether we are based in a Swedish, German or Italian region. In the Scandria Alliance, cities and regions along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean transport corridor can exchange knowledge and experience, initiate and implement joint projects, convey common concerns together and by this gain more visibility at European level.
Welcome to join us in the Scandria Alliance!